Letter from the President

Nov 21, 2012

Dear Fellow CAPDA Members:

Somehow another year has come and gone and our AGM is rapidly approaching. We will be holding it on January 11, 2013, so please save the date and join us - a successful AGM and successful future as an organization depends on each of you taking an active role. We have, once again, secured excellent speakers, and as always the AGM is free of charge. James Vigmond and Brian Cameron, the lawyers who were successful in the appeals heard on the Kusnierz and Pastore, cases will be speaking to us on the implications for catastrophic impairment determinations. Of course, we will also have breakfast and lunch and plenty of time to reconnect, along with a full slate of important issues to discuss at our AGM.

Among the matters that require your attention is a proposed bylaw change. Over the years, because of vague bylaws in Section VIII regarding the election of directors to the Board, we have been violating our own bylaws as an organization. This was brought to our attention by our CAPDA lawyers, and they drafted an updated Section VIII to address these issues and to help us get back on track in as simple and clear a way, as possible. The bottom line is that we are supposed to have a Board of 9 (nine) directors, with three positions being up for election by the membership at every AGM - for various reasons, we have gotten out of synch over the years (for example, directors not serving a full 3-year term, or a president becoming past-president outside of the 3-year term). The new bylaw Section VIII addresses all of this in a straightforward way, and the Board has approved the bylaw for your consideration at the AGM. If you are not able to attend the AGM, we ask that you still submit a proxy vote for or against the bylaw change. If you have any questions regarding the bylaw change when you review it, please do not hesitate to contact me directly and I will do my best to provide clarification.

We must also consider new Board elections in January. Member at Large, Linda Gruson, will be stepping down as a Director on the Board, and we will have a 2-year director's position to fill.  Also, Deborah Cowman (Secretary), Jeremy Frank (Membership Chair) and Randy Silverman (Treasurer) will all be completing the third year in their current terms of service, and all three will be running for re-election. In order to return the Board to compliance with the bylaws, Annette Lorenz (our Education Chair), will be stepping down early in her current 3-year term, and running for a 2-year term. I am sharing my personal bias when I tell you that we have a great volunteer Board with actively engaged members who have grown in their work together to make CAPDA an increasingly meaningful organization for its members. As President, it is truly my pleasure to work with such outstanding colleagues for our membership and our future as an organization.

Other issues we are excited to update you on are the state of CAPDA's new website, as well as CAPDA's new Board Certification program in Psychological and Neuropsychological Disability Assessment (which will be the first Canadian Board Certification program for psychologists). The Board has also authorized the development of an Advocacy Committee in an attempt to do more focused work on issues that matter to the membership that require liaison with the government, legal, and other health professionals. 

This has certainly been an eventful year for CAPDA, and we have a lot to fill you in on.  I am hoping all of you as members will be energized by our new initiatives and the potential we hold as an organization, and join us at the AGM on January 11, 2013.

Thanks as always for your support  and interest,


Dr. Brian Levitt
President, CAPDA

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