Welcome Message from Chair of the Website Committee - Deborah Cowman

Jan 11, 2013

Welcome to our new Website!

We are thrilled to launch our new CAPDA website, and invite you to take a tour. Most features are available to the public, but members should sign in using their new user name and password to access all the features. Let me introduce you to some of the highlights. The front page will give you quick access to login, to begin the process to join CAPDA, or to find out about recent CAPDA news and events, including communications to the membership and notices of upcoming events.

Drop down menus are listed across the top, and again across the bottom. The ABOUT tab tells you abut the organization and our mission, and gives information about the directors present and past. The membership drop down includes an application form for prospective members, a list of current members, and a gallery of pictures from our events. The membership directory allows for members to list their contact information and description of their practice, and is a link to the internet showing their affiliation to the organization.

The MY CAPDA drop down menu appears when members are logged in. This section is available for member only features such are renewing you membership and managing your member profile instantly. Remember to scroll down and click Edit Profile, and to click Save Changes to make the profile you create or select appear in the Members Directory. The DIPLOMATE tab will be your access point to information about our exciting new program as it becomes available, and a portal to begin the process of becoming a Diplomate –stay tuned.

The NEWS AND EVENTS drop down Menu will take you to bulletins to the membership, and to events past and present. This is an exciting feature as you will be able to register for events on line, and under the Resources drop down you will find any associated materials such as Powerpoint presentations, handouts, and video recordings. These may be free to the membership such as “All You Need to Know About Catastrophic Impairment” from the 2012 Winter Workshop, or you may be asked to purchase video access such as for “Treatment of Traumatized Individuals and ways to Bolster Resilience,” from the Fall 2012 workshop. This can be done on-line, or by contacting staff.

The RESOURCES drop down menu also includes our archive of materials relevant to disability assessment. We plan to build this resource over time to include materials for the Diplomate. We rely on you to send us feedback if there are items you wish to see in the archive, or that you might have to send us. This will include a section for publication of materials written by the membership on the topic of disability assessment – coming soon.

We look forward to hearing your feedback, and welcome new members to the Web Site Committee.

Best Wishes,

Deborah Cowman

Secretary of the Board of Directors of CAPDA and Chair of the Web Site Committee

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