A Very Successful 2013 AGM – Letter from the President

Jan 17, 2013

Dear CAPDA Colleagues:

I am writing this as a follow up to a very successful 2013 AGM, and I wanted to make sure in particular to thank all the members who found the time to participate and make it happen. For those of you who did not attend, we had excellent morning speakers:  Jim Vigmond and Brian Cameron, lawyers who have been successful in all of the signficant appeals related to catastrophic impairment determinations. Their talk was video recorded and we will have it available to all members on our website (stay tuned for details).  It is a good review of some of the key issues in catastrophic impairment assessment, with some excellent contextual comments offered from the floor by our own Doug Salmon and Ron Kaplan.

Our new Board has been elected, and our positions for 2013 are as follows:

  • President - Brian Levitt
  • Vice President and Education - Annette Lorenz
  • Past President and Diplomate Program- Ivan Kiss
  • Treasurer - Randy Silverman
  • Secretary and Website Committee- Deborah Cowman
  • Membership - Jeremy Frank
  • Standards and Guidelines - David Kurzman
  • Member at Large - Marek Celinski
  • Member at Large - Louisa Gembora

David Kurzman is rejoining the Board after a much deserved break - He was President when i first was elected to the Board, and I am happy to see him back.  We have a solid Board that has grown together nicely, and I am hopeful that 2013 will be a productive year on your behalf. The Board will meet for its annual retreat on March 1 - a day long meeting during which we hammer out our plans for the year and how we can continue working towards our longterm vision for CAPDA.

The membership at the AGM was on a whole very supportive of our plans for the Diplomate Program, and we are nearing implementation (we expect to have initial information and applicaton materials online in March). Special thanks of course to an amazing working group of Jeremy Frank, Annette Lorenz and Ivan Kiss, who have invested many hours in creating this program - the debates have been passionate and productive.  Jeremy Frank's innovative ideas (and the extra work he put into developing them) deserve particular note in relation to the development of the oral examination phase of the Diplomate Program (again, please stay tuned for more details). This program will be the first Canadian Board Certification program for psychologists, and is an important part of our effort to make CAPDA more relevant nationally.

Those who attended the AGM also got a sneak peak into our new website, a project spearheaded by Deborah Cowman.  I believe we will have the website up and running in about a week. I see the website as another critical piece in making CAPDA more truly national (as some have said, putting the C in CAPDA).  The website will have video from workshops and conferences, as well as a resource library of documents that include relevant legal decisions, standards and guidelines, and codes of ethics (international, national, and provicial).  We will continue to develop the website so that it can support our efforts to be relevant nationally, and we will need your support along the way.  My hope is that CAPDA's website will be the online presence psychologists in Canada will always think of turning to first when needing important source documents (ethics, legal decisions, etc), but again, we will need your support in building this as we go forward.  In particular, if you have electronic copies of relevant documents not yet in our resource library, please forward them to Deborah Cowman. 

CAPDA is at an exciting point in its development as an organization, and I will be working with each of the Committee Chairs prior to our March 1st retreat to refine our focus and build on the great work that has been done since this organizaton was first founded.  As always, I would like to extend an open invitation to all of you to contribute your ideas and energy - please consider serving on a committee, running for the Board next year, or simply sending us some documents that will build our online resource library.

I will write again to fill you in on what we achieve at our retreat and to give you more details about how we are working to move CAPDA forward.

Until then, thank you all for your interest and involvement.  

Brian Levitt
President, CAPDA

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