New Phone Number and Toll Free Number

Jun 24, 2015

Please note that CAPDA has a new phone number: (905) 597-6690  for those who like mnemonics it is (905) 59-CAPDA

We are also pleased to announce that CAPDA now has a toll free number: (844) 702-2732 and again, for those who like memory aids, it is (844)-70-CAPDA

All other contact information remains the same.

Related Information

Canadian Academy of Psychologists in Disability Assessment

312 Oakwood Court, Newmarket, Ontario   L3Y 3C8
(905) 597-6690   FAX: (905) 895-1630
Toll Free: (844) 702-2732     (844)-70-CAPDA (844)
E-Mail: admin@capda.ca
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