“Professional Considerations in Assessing & Managing Chronic Pain:  An Update with Dr. Dan Handel, M.D."


Friday, October 14, 2011


Morning Session

Introduction in Pain-Epidemiology, Taxonomy and Typology Pathophysiology of Pain:  How Do We Hurt?

Acute and Chronic Pain-similarities and differences, treatment strategies Chronic Pain: Treatment approaches

a) Analgesics, short and long-acting
b) Other medications
c) Non-pharmacological approaches

    • Acupuncture
    • Mind-body approaches
    • Body work approaches
    • Energy approaches
    • Herbal approaches/Acute Pain-nature, characteristics and treatment strategies

Afternoon Session

Biobehavioural approach to assessment, treatment of plan

a) Low back pain
b) Fibromyalgia
c) Arthritis
d) Headache disorders

A functional approach to management in disabled pain patients, Opiods for Chronic Pain - recent research findings, informing best strategies.


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