“Symptom Validity & Disability Assessment"


Friday, January 13, 2012


Dr. Gerald Young, Ph.D.
Feigning, Malingering and Symptom Validity:  Review and Views

Review of the literature from the journal "Psychological Injury and Law" with relevant material. In particular, he will deal with controversial issues and need for comprehensive assessments and how to navigate the adversarial divide.

Dr. J. Douglas Salmon Jr., Ph.D.
Traditional SVT Over-reliance, What We're Missing and What if We're Wrong?

Review of embedded validity methods and neglected client testing experience/perceptions influencing SVT performance. He will also review a unique study of 40-60 arbitration cases wherein psychologist(s) on the file opined "malingering" based on most common SVT measures, in comparison to arbitrator opinions of client "credibility" in the same case. The study will inform best practice in diagnosis of malingering from the case law perspective.


Dr. Gerald Young, Ph.D.
Dr. J. Douglas Salmon Jr., Ph.D.

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